Follow After Righteousness Part 2

1Timothy 6:11 But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. 

‘Follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.’ Six things Christians must follow (continues): There are seven facts of the mystery of Godliness (continues): Believed on in the world – divine propagation (3:16; Matt. 4:23-24; 9:35; Luke 4:16-19; Eph. 2:17). Received up into glory – divine ascension and exaltation (3:16; Luke 24:51; Eph. 1:20-23; Php. 2:9-11). The Greek word analambano is translated as “received up” (3:16; Mark 16:19; Luke 9:51; Acts 10:16); “taken up” (Acts 1:2, 11, 22; 7:43); and “take” (Acts 20:13-14; 23:31; Eph. 6:13, 16; 2Tim. 4:11). The same human body and nature God was manifested in, was resurrected and received up to glory. These divine phrases of the mystery of godliness form one complete whole concerning the redemption of all things. No single part is now a mystery, for all have been made clear by many scriptures. [3] Faith [Greek: pistis] is confidence, faithfulness, trust, pledge of good faith. Used 244 times. Translated belief (2Thess. 2:13); fidelity (Tit. 2:10); assurance (Acts 17:31); and faith 239 times (Heb. 11:1-39; 12:2; etc.). [4] Love [Greek: agape] is spontaneous and divine love. It is more eternal than gifts. There are nine ingredients of divine love: Patience – love passive: no hurry; suffers long; bears, believes, hopes, and endures all things (1Cor. 13:4, 7). Kindness – love in action: never acts rashly or insolently; not inconsistent, puffed up, or proud (1Cor. 13:4). Generosity – love in competition: not envious or jealous. Humility – love in hiding: no parade; no airs; works then retires. Courtesy – love in society: does not behave unseemlily; always polite; at home with all classes; never rude or discourteous (1Cor. 13:5). Unselfishness – love in essence: never selfish, sour, or bitter; seeks only the good of others; does not retaliate or seek revenge. Good temper – love in disposition: never irritated; never resentful. Righteousness – love in conduct: hates sin; never glad when others go wrong; always gladdened by goodness to others; always slow to expose; always eager to believe the best; always hopeful, always enduring (1Cor. 13:6-7). Sincerity – love in profession: never boastful and conceited; not a hypocrite; always honest; leaves no impression but what is strictly true; never self-assertive; does not blaze out in passionate anger, nor brood over wrongs; always just, joyful, and truthful; knows how to be silent; full of trust; always present.

To be continued…

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