Paul’s Sufferings Part 1

2Corinthians 11:21  I speak as concerning reproach, as though we had been weak. Howbeit whereinsoever any is bold, (I speak foolishly,) I am bold also. 

‘I speak as concerning reproach, as though we had been weak.’ Paul refers to these Judaizers reproaching them because they were uncircumcised, and as if they were weak or inferior to them.

‘Bold’ Fifty-five things that Paul could boast of: He was just as bold as they were (11:21); he was a Hebrew as they were (11:22); he was an Israelite as they were (11:22); he was of Abraham as they were (11:22); he was more a minister of Christ than they were (11:23); in more abundant labours (11:23); stripes above measure (11:23); in prisons often for Christ (11:23); often at the point of death (11:23); five times scourged (11:24); three times beaten with rods (11:25); once stoned to death (11:25; Acts 14:19); three times shipwrecked (11:25); twenty-four hours in the sea (11:25); in journeyings often (11:26); in perils of water (11:26); in perils of robbers (11:26); in perils by the Jews (11:26); in perils by the heathen (11:26); in perils in the city (11:26); in perils in the wilderness (11:26); in perils in the sea (11:26); in perils by false brethren (11:26); in weariness and pain (11:27); in watching often (11:27); in hunger and thirst (11:27); in fastings often (11:27); in cold and nakedness (11:27); daily care of all congregations (11:28); strength in God (11:29; 12:10); zeal for the congregations (11:29); many infirmities (11:30; 12:5, 9); absolute truthfulness (11:31; 12:6); miraculous deliverances (11:32-33); boasting was of necessity (12:1); visions and revelations (12:1); translation to heaven (12:2-4); experiences beyond knowledge (12:2-3); hearing unspeakable words (12:5); unlawful knowledge (12:4); freedom from self-glory (12:5); true quitting sense (12:6); genuineness equal to glory (12:6); special persecutions (12:7); answers from God (12:9); resignation to God’s will (12:9); power of Christ upon him (12:9); pleasure in sufferings (12:10); endurance for Christ (12:10); no boasting unless compelled (12:11); equal with chief apostles (12:11); humility in greatness (12:11); signs of apostleship (12:12); unselfishness (12:13-16); his judgment power (12:21; 13:10).

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